21 de agosto de 2013


Dear Lady Gaga,

We've waited for this moment so long...

You probably don't know us.
We are 3 voodooists from Brazil and united our forces in past to become more powerfull in the art of witchcraft.

We've been watching you arising in the past years.
You did your music and we did have no problem with you untill you start with the THINGS.
The average people don't know. But we know the meaning of all the symbols you evoke in your videos.

And you gone too far, spreading all the THINGS worldwide.
Now we can see the consequences.

Now, you are a black chicken:

Do you think is it cool? Really?

As we know you will never stop this shit. We decided finish this for you.

In your last visit to Rio, you threw your flowers:

We was there and we took one of your flowers and we made a little Gaga Voodoo Doll with it.

And tonight we used it in our witchcraft against your opportunistic bad music.

If you really wanted APPLAUSE, we will give you some VOODOO!

And what motivate us is this:

A clear a copy of Clara Nunes style, a dearest brazilian singer:

All Brazilians already know what you came to do here in your last visit! Copy our great artists?

That's so disrespectful! Shame on you, Gaga!

After our voodoo ritual tonight, you will flop in music charts from now! Be sure about that.

And at last, but not least.... stop copying Madonna:

 So we will make another REDUCTIVE Voodoo Session for you.

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